Public Prompt Error on Submit

Hi, I’m sorry if this has been asked and answered, but I couldn’t find anything about it.

I have one public prompt. I tried creating another public prompt and got an error message (red background white font) that disappeared very quickly, but it said “you can only create new public prompts if all your public prompts have more than 5 upvotes.” It went on to say more things, but I don’t know if they apply.

Does this mean I need to get at least 5 upvotes on my one public prompt before I can add another?

If so, how do I encourage upvotes? Clearly, people are using it.

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Yes correct, 5 votes required on your “Upcoming Prompt” before you can publish a new to public.

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Would it be not possible to have like 3 prompts public and for the 4th to have one of them “completely approved with 5 votes”? Because I had one prompt public and deleted to add another one. But that one didn’t work and I regret deleting the first one with already 3 likes. Like if you’d be able to add 3, you could “play” with them and see which one is working better.
Thank you!!

This would lead to even more low-quality prompts set to public and that’s why we do not allow it.


it does make sense. thanks!

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I think the best practice is to make your prompts private first, and test them for multiple inputs, to insure that is a good prompt for public.

(to not waste your trails to make the new prompt)


:100: this a rule in the guidelines, and unfortunately many users ignore it and publish really poor prompta to public.