RESOLVED - 3 days same error "Failed to disconnect OpenAI account. Please try again later"

After three days trying to connect AIPRM Pro with ChatGPT unsuccessfully, I finally want to inform you that the problem is resolved.

I must first apologize to the AIPRM team for posting my problem while feeling totally frustrated, but was about to “throw in the towel” and cancel AIPRM Pro.

The problem I had was that every time I tried to connect the AIPRM Pro extension.
ChatGPT was connected with another account that was not AIPRM Pro.

The mistake was mine because I opened two accounts with AIPRM with different email addresses.
Account 1 - No Pro
Account 2 - Upgraded to Pro

“Account 1” was the one that remained connected to AIPRM and did not allow “Account 2” to connect successfully.

During three days, I installed and uninstalled the extension several times to try to unlink “Account 1” and it did not work.

I also disconnected “Account 1” from Google to avoid automatic login, but it didn’t work.

Finally, I found the solution on the AIPRM “Billing & FAQ” page under the title “2 Different Emails for Account Linking and Account Paying”

First, I disconnected both Google accounts.

Then connect “Account 1” with Google.
I logged in to AIPRM and clicked on the red button, “Connected to wrong OpenAI account?”

The following steps are well explained on this page:

I hope this information is useful to someone who is having the same problems that I had.

Best regards all.

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