[RESOLVED] ChatGPT Outage on August 31, 2023

ChatGPT Outage on August 31, 2023

ChatGPT is currently experiencing performance degradation that is affecting also AIPRM.

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is this shit down again wtf

Yes, I’m sorry to inform you that ChatGPT is currently facing another outage.

Hello All,

I logged into ChatGPT this morning and all of my history is gone and the AIPRM screen is not there. A few days ago my Mac Mini was infected with something called “Search Marquis”. Last night I was able to get rid of it (at least I think I did) but now I’m wondering if there are some lingering side effects??

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Hello Jack, this is caused by the current degradation in ChatGPT performance mentioned above.

Same!!! thanks for quick update but suckish!
I had so many. Now I have Zero. I hate this day.
You know how long it took me to write them up and to not have backed them up was my biggest regret. I hope they are still there when fixed. When this first came out I could save many prompts then only a few then only 2. The prompts I had fine-tuned were exceptional, and now I have to restart from zero and can only save 2 prompts. The developers turned this into a cow milking factory but I mean what isn’t nowadays to fix the damn issues so no hate but lame.
Beware, newbies. Don’t trust this app fully but use it cautiously and back everything up including your prompts offline away from the app.

I’m truly sorry to hear about your experience and the frustration it’s causing. Regarding your prompts, the limitation is actually based on the AIPRM plan you’re using — it’s not that your previous prompts have disappeared. As for the current outage, please note that it’s a temporary issue with ChatGPT, which is developed by OpenAI. As we are a separate entity, AIPRM has no control over ChatGPT outages. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

The AIRM software is currently not working on my ChatGPT. Is there any repair going on? Hope there is an explanation.
Thank you

I apologize for the inconvenience, but there is currently another outage affecting ChatGPT, leading to these problems.

Thank you for the update Tibor. I’ll try to pay more attention to the announcements going forward.

Is there any news on when this will be fixed and when that happens will the old chat be there?



I changed the credit card on my account and now I’m getting an error message that says "Access denied. Error 1015

Ray ID: 7ff64e5dcfeb22f1 • 2023-08-31 15:28:55 UTC

You are being rate limited

What happened?

The owner of this website (chat.openai.com) has banned you temporarily from accessing this website.

How do I resolve it?

It appears that the situation is improving here. I can already see the chat history. However, ChatGPT is currently restricting the number of users who can log in and working to resolve the ongoing issue.