Semi-Private Prompts

GOAL we want to achieve:
The ability to create semi-private prompts or unlimited ones with no “thumbs up”. We currently have many prompts for our teammates (and the AIPRM community) to use to make their lives easier, however some of them are not applicable to the greater community. For example, I’d like to share a prompt with my team that can take a list and convert it to a comma separated sentence with all keywords capitalized. I also want to share one with our team that can take a full restaurant menu and just give us the 15 most popular items by search volume online. These are useful internally (don’t worry why haha), but because we have more than 5 prompts with fewer than 5 “thumbs up” we cannot make these additional ones public, so sharing them with our team is tough.

HOW we could do it:
Allow unlimited prompts even if some don’t have any “likes” OR implement a Google Drive type system where something is marked as private, but it has a shared link for anyone to use if they have the link.

IMPACT for using AIPRM:
It makes it more enterprise-friendly.

It’s very similar, but not the same.

Most important here - it’s described from a user/business perspective while in your thread you looked at it from a developer perspective.

And developer always-always-always-always underestimate, and often don’t think about support, security, marketing, you name it.

Best developer training: work in direct Customer Support and feel their hot breath in your neck. Most developers never get to learn that, never leave their beautiful world in the ivory tower.

Code Development is just 10% of the overall game.

Anyways, great to see this re-appear - I’ve already made more notes this morning when I read it.

haha sorry @RealityMoez - I missed yours when I wrote this. Glad I’m not alone :slight_smile:

Certainly, not like my suggestion :smile:
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