Sign in security pop up

Good Afternoon,

I am pretty new to AIPRM and still learning how to navigate the ChatGPT models. Now that I have the extension for this program, I keep getting a pop up screen in a new tab that wants me to solve a puzzle and verify that I am a human. It didn’t do that the first couple of days. It makes me a bit anxious to enter anything into it because it gives me the option to x out of it and continue on the original tab. It does it often but not every single time time I type something in and hit enter. It is getting to the point that I am ready to uninstall this extension, even though I really love the ease that it has created. Is there a fix for this? Is anyone else experiencing this? What can I do about it aside from just not being able to use it and uninstalling it?
To add on, both versions of ChatGPT are working for me just fine.
I would greatly appreciate any assistance given, and thank you in advance.

This sounds like the basic verification and “are you human” puzzles that OpenAI ChatGPT uses.

Next time make a full screenshot including URL you’re on please and share it or mail to


Thank you kindly. I do believe it is as you described. I will definitely do that when it happens again. I appreciate your response.