Solution when users Linked 1 Google Account and later purchased with a 2nd Google Account

We fixed a problem where people linked their AIPRM with a “free” Gmail, but later used a company Google account to make purchase, which couldn’t be traced.

The solution is to disconnect the “free” account and to link the company account instead.

A step-by-step-tutorial is here

We hope this helps all affected users.

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One question - is Google going to use an Authentication token to disconnect the old account, then another to connect the Business account, doubling our issues with the usage limits?

I have no idea. Really. Since the reduced our quota from 10k to 2k one hour after going viral on Twitter I honestly don’t know if it was a good decision to trust Google here. After all they’re just another huge company, like Facebook also.

Well, lets hope that 70+,000 tokens gives some room for growth, eh? :smiley:

Absolutely - will only take ~10 days then

We’ll enable 10% of the users per day then.

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