[SOLVED] Have the $5 Plus plan, but cannot access AIPRM Verified Prompts (part of $20 PRO Plan)

I have a $5 plan and received notification to install a new extension. Now that I’ve installed it I get a notification saying I now need a $20 Pro plan or higher to use the extension. Another bait and switch. Another squeeze to drive people to higher plans, ridiculous.


AIPRM is an extension, not a plugin. The only Plugins for ChatGPT that I’ve heard of come from OpenAI themselves, which is a different company. If you really did install a plugin, and the owners of that plugin are now asking for a fee you didn’t expect, well, it’s not from AIPRM because they don’t make a plugin, only an extension.

I have the $5 plan I get this when trying to access the extension. I’m already logged in, I installed the updated extension. Now that I installed the new extension I get this, driving me to an upsell.

This is what happened when installed the last extension, community promps were pay walled and needed to upgrade.

Right. Verified Prompts have only ever been available on the Pro Plan, were announced at that level right from the start, so absolutely no “Bait and switch”, just you are asking for a feature that was never, ever, available on the $5 Plus Plan. You get the features listed under the right plan. You don’t get the features of higher plans. If you, presented with all the correct information and full listing of what each plan gave, still managed to get the wrong plan, I’m afraid you simply need to read more carefully in future, both with AIPRM and with all purchases in life.

@Trent you can react with as many ‘rage’ emojis as you like but it won’t change the fact it is YOUR mistake you are raging about.

Before you paid anything to AIPRM you were offered a detailed list of the various plans and what they included. ‘Verified Prompt List’ is very clearly listed, first on the list, on the Pro Plan and above, and it always was. If that was a feature you needed, but you still clicked the $5 plan, that is nobody’s fault but your own.

I’m not calling you stupid… But raging at others for your own mistake would be pretty damn foolish, and not at all something that will change anything at all, except the willingness of people to help you.


We have so many people buying the $5 plan and expecting features of the $20 and $50 plan
that we have

a) FAQs on it

b) an AI trained bot to answer that same repetitve question of why not everything is included in the $5, or even free. It just isnt.

Luckily we got rid of the $2 plan
because people investing $2 had the highest and most unrealistic expectation of the service level they buy with it.


community promps were never pay walled and do not need an upgrade

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If by ‘Community Prompts’ you mean the thousands of public prompts then no. Again this would most likely be your inability to read tricking you. The Free Plan still has access to all the Public Prompts, same as it always did. Verified Prompts are the relatively tiny proportion of all those thousands of prompts that the AIPRM team have personally checked out, tested, verified and selected. Even those selected verified prompts are still available to all users, even those on the free plan, you simply don’t get the list that tells you which ones those are. Verification is a time intensive human labour task, and thus getting the hand-picked list carries a premium and is only available on the Pro Plan or higher.

Ammon if you’re not going to add value leave the thread. Your patronizing superiority is condensing, I"m a paying customer and community member. I’m entitled to feel upset if I feel my expectations were not met.

So sorry if the multiple extension uninstalls and installs, pricing increases and moving from a once free extension to this has some community members confused, all while trying to grasp AI.

I might not have been clear on the plan but I still purchased a plan in good faith, frankly it’s disgraceful for you to follow up and directly imply “I’m not calling you stupid” when you’ve just implied it with the reference.


Let’s see:

I’m a moderator in this forum, and part of my job is to ensure people follow the rules of the community. You are someone who came into the community and threw around actually libellous allegations suggesting fraud (or do you not actually know what “bait and switch” means?) The title of your post was (before editing), hostile and offensive to others for a mistake all of your own making.

On having that error explained, still not one peep of embarrassed apology. No sense of shame or guilt at all. Instead you double-down on your earlier ignorance by trying to tell the community moderator that *HE is out of place.

Sunshine, I already pointed out I wasn’t calling you stupid in a way that let you know I absolutely was thinking it, based on your own repeated and incessant determination to prove it beyond all doubt. And even with that warning, (which you say you got), you still somehow don’t seem to want to show an ability to learn or obey the forum rules. Since you are apparently unable to read, and certainly unable to be a productive member of the community, I have removed your posting privileges (your fee paying or otherwise does NOT give you a license to be an ass).


I was surprised at your tone. You might consider that it is confusing for many with all of the hype around the product. I did the same thing. Bought the 5$ plan expecting access, because on the surface buying the plan naturally suggests you have access. Enthusiasm is hardly a reason to become a punching bag. Pretty funny, and surprising the narrow view.

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because on the surface buying

Judging things by the surface is never recommended.

the plan naturally suggests you have access.

No it does not, sorry.

Nothing here suggests that you get the $20 feature for $5.

An no, the “customer is not always right” - in fact often not.


I accept your suggestion that the customer is seldom right. But I come out of the industry of remedies called Customer Service. Again, you are the expert on programming, maybe, and adoption is on the user, the customer, and your permanent beta testers. Your responses are stubbornly childish. Tag teaming users > New Technology? Always on the forefront, eh?

“The customer is always right” is a well-known quote from someone who was a fantastic marketer - Henry Ford, inventor of the production line. Where it goes wrong is that people almost always forget the important corollary “But not always the right customer”.

Remember, Henry Ford is also often quoted for the line “You can have any colour you want… As long as it is black”. The single production line meant that all cars on the line got painted the same colour. If you wanted a cheap, Ford model car, it came in limited colour options. If you wanted a colourful car, you were right, that is what you wanted, it just wasn’t made by Ford.

These are the kind of big decisions that marketers and business owners take. They stake their entire business on the choices they make, the value proposition they present. It’s a very, very different thing to just taking a job in customer services where you get a steady salary, benefits, and just follow the rules of the job. Don’t for an instant equate the positions.

If AIPRM isn’t in the colour you want, don’t buy it. It is a mass-market product, not bespoke programming. If you want bespoke programming, you hire a team of programmers and have them build exactly what you want, to exactly your specifications. You’ll find it costs many thousands of times more than $5 per month. That’s your choice.

But expecting a company to break and change their entire production line for you would be utterly foolish. Don’t believe me, ask the person who wrote the scripts and rules for your very own customer services job. Or just ask yourself what would happen if one of the customers that contacted you demanded they get a free Porsche 911 with their $50 product and that you said it was okay.

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I am not expecting anything. As I said, as a new user to Ai I am subscribed to multiple offerings to learn about the various approaches being taken. I just think that many users can easily be confused by those offerings. My background is about smoothing and building relationships vs breaking them over unimportant arguments and debates. The user just might want a sample or two of the verified AIPRM to compare with the public. That is the expectation I had as well as others. Choosing to make it an issue for insulting users is just small. Go ask the Ai again for your next response and change the tone maybe. I think Henry Ford has less to do with this than Elon Musk pulling his dough from the project. Monetization is totally OK. I would practice anticipating customer needs and expectations and you will learn how to ‘successfully’ monetize your offering. Like your Ai, all things can be improved with training.

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You get that this is your third personal attack just in this one discussion, and your first 24 hours, right? Because I promise you that everyone else can get that, and spot your agenda. The funny thing about crooks and liars is they often project - “making it an issue and insulting” for example kind of being obviously what you are doing, and utterly at odds with the whole narrative you think you are portraying.

Here’s some very clear facts. One of your posts was so completely offensive and argumentative it had to be removed. And considering I left your posts with lines such as

kind of indicates how far it went over the line. Since you repeatedly make a huge deal about:

one has to conclude that either this is deliberate, or you maybe should stop bragging about skills you clearly don’t have.

Ultimately, my background includes around 30 years of managing communities, going right back to IRC networks, and my role here in this community is that of moderator. Sometimes that is similar to customer service. Sometimes that is about spotting abusive actors who would either ruin or exploit the community for genuine users. Often I have to make judgement calls, which is where those decades of experience come in handy.

What I can see directly from your actions is that you repeatedly go out of your way to be offensive, that you apparently have none of the conciliatory skills you pretend, and that your interactions here show clear evidence of lies and hypocrisy. On that basis, on the evidence you have presented, I have to make a call on whether you are a genuine user, with an actual interest in the community, or someone abusing the platform.

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NO, AIPRM is not hiring “customer support managers” using varying anonymous accounts to spread their crude ideas in our Community forum of how we “are” and how we “should” (must/are supposed to) communicate…

…according to their (very limited) experience.


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