[SOLVED] What happened to my PAID Subscription? Card rebill failed, one-time exception for manual support to retry instead of automatic retry

I still show that AIPRM is connected to my OpenAI account. I noticed my Favorites list is gone and my PAID AIPRM subscription is NOT showing. I have had this account before your price increase and do not want to start over at the higher price.

If you purchased a month and either cancelled the ongoing subscription, or somehow selected to refuse ongoing billing, the subscription may have expired. I’m basing that guess as to what may have happened because it’s about a month now since the premium plans were being snapped up, and so around the rebilling time for many.

Check your subscription is still active - Where can I access my subscripton? (solved)

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If it were that simple. I did not cancel anything, I am on reoccuring billing and everything was fine 24 hours ago. This subscription stopped showing today. I would hardly designate this issue as solved when my initial question is not answered. What happened to my PAID Subscription? You guys stressed the increase in prices and then if we already have a subscription, it disappears?? What gives?


Please send us all details, including videos and screenshots, to hello@aiprm.com for investigation. Thank you!


A typical problem we see is when the rebill fails, for whatever reason.

We are seeing quite some people were renewals failed the last days, unrelated to the price increase for new customers as these are grandfathered subscriptions.

The moment your renewal is due, but cannot be paid, your account is deactivated until you resolve the billing problem in the billing portal of Stripe.

As mentioned in many places, we are not able to provide support to diagnose WHY Stripe, the banks or a very agressive anti-fraud system we pay Stripe lots of money reject cards.

The most likely reason however is unfunded pre-paid cards, which are way more common than the original “real” credit cards that give you a line of credit. No, most are just cards to access pre-funded accounts, and if those funds are gone, the card is worthless until the account is charged again.

My billing date is the 20th which is today but it appears it removed me. As you can see from the attached screenshot my last billing was March 20th and it was set up for reoccuring. Another payment should have deducted today but it is not in today’s pending transactions.

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The Email you are showing seems to be dated 1 day after, as you signed up March 19.

The payment was due on April 19, and failed.

California address, US Card and Austrian IP probably triggered some risk factors.

OR when you write “but it is not in today’s pending transactions”
why would it be “pending”? It should have been charged over 24 hours ago,
and because it was not your account was locked down.

I could just manually “retry” the payment and it worked,
your account should show active in a few minutes.

Unfortunately, as usual, we don’t get any details from the bank for the refusal to charge your card.

a tip: sometimes you can manually lower risk-settings for your cards, depending on where you live and which cards you have.

Please note that we usually don’t provide any support for failed cards, like here,
and your card would have been tried for rebill in a couple days automatically.

That’s the normal way things run.

I’m closing this case, which would normally be one of the many support tickets we process in support at hello @ aiprm.com as mentioned.