statistical analysis data

Hello, can anyone help me please to find the right Al Tools or a chat-gpt prompt that will help me, I got an assignment to process statistical analysis data, such as spss, eviews and other applications but using AI. I want to find data such as mean, median and also have a conclusion result.

Break the task down into the individual steps needed. Starting with how you collect the data, and how you feed it into an AI. If you need to scrape/crawl the data from online URLs or data sources, that is already a thing that current AI models only do with additional plugins or extensions (meaning no single all-in-one solution).

If the data itself that you would need to process in any single step is above the working prompt memory capacity of ChatGPT then you won’t be able to use ChatGPT and might need to license the underlying engine the GPT4 LLM for use in a purpose built application that has access to a larger database of your data.

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If I only use simple commands, for example, I want to find the regression test results of several variables that I will test, can the output data be valid and accurate.

One warning that all of the current AI’s make repeatedly is that you need to check and verify all outputs. Humans can make mistakes, and so can AIs.

thanks for the answer.

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I’m sure you would love to wait the ChatGPT plugins to be released, and use the ‘Code Interpreter’ plugin by OpenAI … to achieve what you want.


Unless they also lessen the safety restrictions on how many tokens (and thus word) ChatGPT can handle in a prompt, you’ll still likely need to do a lot of testing to ensure it really is getting all of the data in any complex sets of data, and not just parts of it while ‘guessing’ the rest.