Taplio AI Generated content

Hi, I have came across this platform called Taplio and it has AI generated content for LinkedIn posts that are very much unique and like human written, has anyone explored it yet? I am intrested to work on engineering a similar prompt, let me know if anyone intrested or if anyone already did.

I can understand that any community as interested in all things AI as ours is likely to dig up some fairly small and niche ones. Taplio certainly fits into that criteria currently - I mean, AIPRM has only existed for a matter of weeks and has long since passed 400,000 users, while Taplio is boasting about just over 1,000 …

If you are already using a scheduling tool to manage Linkedin posts for you, then perhaps one that claims to also use AI to generate posts based on your past posts will be worth a try. Or perhaps not. There’s a lot of prompts available that will do similar for you available through AIPRM, with a much, much bigger community and system of trust behind it though. Your call.

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