Tone and writing styles

Hello. It won’t let me choose othes tones or writing styles other than emotional and poetic. What happened? Is it because i created aiprm account?

Welcome Maria, those two features are available from the PLUS plan now.


Thanks for the reply… Since when did this update happened?

Premium Plans were launched last week. Here’s the announcement: AIPRM Premium just launched

hi i have a similar question but pay 20$ a month( plus ) for itand I don’t seem to have the tones or styles either is that for the same reason or is it a fault ? thanks jacque

You don’t pay $20 to AIPRM with the Email you used here.
Is it possible that you confuse this with ChatGPT Plus which has the $20 price point?

AIPRM Plus would be $5 - paid to us, not to OpenAI.

thanks for your reply, ah yes mine is chatgpt plus so is that what affects the default and tones then ? as I did have them ? and who do I speak to resolve as totally confused with whose who?



If you want to access AIPRM Premium Features: here’s AIPRM Premium Plans.

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why do we have to pay 5 dollars just for the Tone & Writing Style?


You don’t have to pay for it, if it’s not useful for you.


As @RealityMoez rightly states, @sadewadee , you really don’t.

Asking ChatGPT to write in certain tones or styles doesn’t work the way most think anyway. ChatGPT is still just a really, really advanced text prediction system, like a super-advanced auto-complete, and its understanding of what makes a certain tone or style is limited completely and totally to what it could learn about tones and styles just from its corpus of training documents.

So if you ask it to “write in a business-like tone or style”, all it can really do is recall what data it has on that style, what was described as being particularly business-like in the training corpus, and lean on that. That’s all it has. However, users seem to like it, and humans have this innate tendency to anthropomorphism that lets their minds think it is doing more than it really is.

You don’t have to pay a single cent to write a prompt that asks ChatGPT to write in any tone or style you want. And if you think that a certain style or tone is particularly useful to a particular prompt, you could even author your own prompt and make it public that would always generate output in that tone or style, all for free, and presumably being a useful prompt to others that would easily get the 5 thumbs up so it cost nothing to any quotas.


really good answer, lol

Hello, how do I customize the tone and style? It only gives a group to choose 1 or another. The plan I have gives me the option to customize.


You can customize various premium features in the AIPRM Account page (scroll down).