Trouble with too creative ChatGPT

Since the weekend, I have been trying to get ChatGPT to perform an evaluation of a list of keywords at different time intervals. I want to know which keywords have risen or fallen in ranking over time. It is working so far, but ChatGPT is then jumbling up the numbers in its summary and inventing rankings. How can I get the bot to actually work with only the numbers I provide? It’s driving me crazy!

You should signup for classic SEO rank tracker tool instead.

ChatGPT doesn’t have have Internet access.
Even the new GPT-4 has cut off date Sept 2021


Can ChatGPT crawl live data from URLs? - No, but this is often not necessary

I don’t know if you are using the web-access plugin, but I’ve found that it causes GPT to lose its memory, and it will a) be unable to remember its most recent response and b) start inventing stuff.

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It only has 3000 words memory

The Memory of ChatGPT is 3000 words (4000 tokens) long only