Upgrade path for existing subscriber

Hi, I joined as a Plus subscriber (paid in full for the year) but I would like to upgrade to the monthly Pro tier. Is there an upgrade path I cannot see?

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Hi and welcome @Dr4g0nWulf

We have 2 articles related to upgrading to bigger plans

Thank you, Christoph, so to confirm I can buy the monthly pro subscribtion and get those extra benefits but my plus (I bought the year one, paying up front) will co-exist on the same email with the increase in ‘own’ prompts until the ‘plus’ expires in a year? Confirmation and I will upgrade tonight. BTW great tool to use and it’s even got me into learning prompting, here comes my first million!!


Confirmed, that how it works in AIPRM.

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I really love your service and it has helped me tremendously. I understand that there’s more demand and feedback than you might’ve anticipated and the reasoning and how stacking is beneficial. Yet, as an early adopter in the first few days I saw the value when I signed up for the Pro plan but there wasn’t an Elite plan. So I feel that there should be more consideration when making a new plan only a few days later with new features after the initial launch of paid tiers. Especially when it was less than a week later. I would like access to the prompt features and url crawl but to drop another $50 and not get any credit from initial purchase is a bit much. What guarantees that if I buy the Elite plan that a new tier won’t drop next week with even more features I need? No one wants to be stuck in a perpetual stacking that costs more than just waiting till all the plans are ironed out.

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It doesn’t look like new plans for a month or so, if that helps your timing.