Upgraded to Elite several days ago and paid for and not accessable in my account?

I have upgraded several days ago to Elite and it’s not showing up in my account? Can you please help?

It is sometimes a problem with different email addresses, but contact hello@aiprm.com and provide your details, any screenshots if relevant, and they’ll quickly sort it out for you.

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I just found out I have 2 accounts. Upgraded to elite and not able to access it. Cancelled a downgrade account. However, not seeing how to access elite?

I bought Elite several days ago and still have plus… Have reached out several times to get access to elite and have heard from no one? Can you assist?

Hi @TraditionsRE - this thread should help you proceed - I signed up I used my email with my free account and not my paid account. my paid account is a different email

There you’ll find the email address to contact for support where you can safely provide all your details so the staff at AIPRM can quickly look up your registration and account details and sort it all out for you.

Update on this case.

The Elite plan was active as usual, at all times.

The customer was confusing OpenAI services and AIPRM services,
looking at the “ChatGPT Plus” label and confused that he may not have the AIPRM Elite.

https://app1.aiprm.com/billing has shown that active ELITE plan.

No further action is needed, no problem existed.

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