Upvotes of my public prompt reduced from 5 to 1

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My prompt Press Release (Pro) |Human |SEO Optimized had 5 upvotes somedays ago. Yesterday it reduced to just 2 upvotes and today it has only 1 upvote. Could someone please help me understand why have the upvotes reduced?

When the prompt had 5 upvotes, I was able to create a new prompt. Now I can’t make changes to either of my public prompts due to less than 5 upvotes. I know I need to delete one of the prompts to be able to make changes. But why have the upvotes reduced in the first place?

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Votes are determined by both positive upvotes (thumbs up) and negative downvotes (thumbs down).

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Thank you for your response. I’m unsure if that is the case. Because, I’ve been following other prompts in Press Release category. And most of them seem to have lost the vote count at the same time. Can’t be a coincidence.

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Does it mean it counts only the number of votes gained in a certain week and not the total number of votes gained?

In my case, I had 5 upvotes that gave me an opportunity to create a new public prompt. After reduction in the number of upvotes, I am unable to make any changes to either of the prompts unless I delete one or upgrade to a certain plan.

Does it mean that my prompt must have 5 upvotes every week so I can work on both the public prompts?

See also

Thank you. It is helpful :slight_smile: