Use AIPRM Prompt Templates API

Is it possible to use the AIPRM prompts through Restful API ? I am using AIPRM plugin to rewrite the text in English using Formal Tone and journalistic style. I specify the format and the test to rewrite and it does wonderful job, but however the same prompts on API does not work so efficiently.

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Do you mean you would like to

  • Connect an OpenAI API
  • Get an AIPRM API
  • Execute AIPRM API to run a Prompt via the OpenAPI API?

moving to AIPRM Feature Requests

Yes AIPRM API or If it can run the prompt via OpenAPI API, Something that is open to integrate with other products and apps.
Say , A User wants to use the same prompt with a dynamic text (rewrite the following text “” ), One can configure it once and use the prompt through RestAPI by passing only the text.

1/ it’s not “or” - you want to call an AIPRM API, which should then call OpenAI API, right?

2/ Are you aware that this solution will incur API costs with OpenAI?

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but it is now much less expensive to do so since 3.5 was introduced

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How to do this??? I’ve tried everything and I couldn’t!!!

A ‘feature request’ means it is something that someone has requested to be made into a feature - meaning not something it already does.

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Hi, I would like this too. To be able to connect AIPRM UI through openai API. The reason is I wan’t to use gpt-4 unrestricted with your interface. I’m a Chatgpt plus subscriber and “GPT-4 currently has a cap of 25 messages every 3 hours.” expect lower cap.

I mean, wtf, I don’t want this kind of restriction. Therefore API access thru your interface would be a very good thing. I could even settle for that we only pay you for x amonut of data without our own API like some companies already do.

If openai don’t get a grip soon on the cap I will look for other options regarding user interface with API access.


i want to have API for AIPRM. How can i get it?

Currently, AIPRM does not offer an API.

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I want to Integrate AI PRM Into My Tool, Do you Guys Have a Plan to release It’s API

can i have it after purchasing from you? i mean if i can purchase your api for my project work?

İs there any way to intergrate the functions povided here to the aopen ai api?

Not at the moment:

Is there any way to get AIPRM to write the code I need to connect my crm to Twilio?

Hello, We would recommend you to use ChatGPT (GPT-4) and one of the prompt templates focused on software development would be helpful depending on the programming language that you are interested in using. Thanks