What are three important factors that have a significant impact on the realm of written content and What is their impact on AIPRM?

When it comes to writing any content there are three factors that play a major role “perplexity”,“burstines” and “predictability”.
“Perplexity” stands as a metric for assessing the complex nature of a text, while “burstines” attempts to compare the array of variations in sentences. Finally, “predictability” refers to the probability of correctly predicting one’s next sentence. Human writers embellish their compositions with a combination of both very long, complex sentences and concise, compact ones.
In contrast, sentences generated by artificial intelligence systems often lack this dynamic diversity. So, I urge you to prepare the incoming content and consume it with a generous dose of confusion and explosion, ensuring minimal predictability.
Alas, it seems that the sections on AIPRM prompts or ChatGPT, which were once accessible, are out of my reach. Despite my best efforts, using two separate ChatGPT accounts and refreshing the interface on multiple occasions, I am unable to achieve the desired result. Sadly, what appears is a simplified iteration of ChatGPT, missing any integration with AIPRM.