What did I pay for?

I’m confused AF because I paid a yearly AIPRM subscription, and it seems like I just paid to have access to distractions and extra work for a program instead of access to chatgpt simplify goal achievement and do the work for me.
Do I have to pay for the new version?
What’s the difference between chatgpt and this AIPRM?
Is this a subsidiary or actually a program that is the CHATGPT?
Is there a place I can go and read facts, no opinions and comments?


Hi @Vickiey_Colzie

You didn’t specify which premium plan you’d subscribed to, so I can’t answer exactly which features are in the plan you chose. However, I can say that your subscription is for whatever is the current (latest) build/version, and that as the available features, benefits, and improvements are made to each new version, you get those all in that same subscription, as applicable to your premium plan.

There have to be new versions fairly frequently because this whole tech is still very new, and evolving all the time. OpenAI who make ChatGPT continue to add features and make changes, and often that changes how it works enough that it breaks third-party extensions like AIPRM, and necessitates a fix, and thus a new version. That’s even before we factor in that the AIPRM team continually work to add cool new features of their own, new productivity or QoL enhancements, that also mean a new version.

If you want something stable and unchanging then you need to stay far, far away from all things AI for about the next 40 years or so, (which is going to include almost anything to do with the Internet). That’s simply the nature of how fast things are changing and evolving across the board. :slight_smile:

Heck, even browsers get several updates a year, and we’ve had those for 30 years and more. (And every now and then, a new version of Chrome suddenly breaks a bunch of browser extensions, or necessitates they bring out new versions to properly integrate).

ChatGPT is a specific chat application of the underlying GPT LLM AI. Think of GPT (the AI model itself) as being like a motor engine. That same engine might power a sporty muscle car, a pickup truck, an ambulance, a family saloon car, a minivan, or a 4WD off-roader.

In the case of ChatGPT, think of this as the chassis and electronics using the GPT engine to make it a general purpose application mostly for chat, where you talk with it to get it’s generated responses to your prompting. It can do a lot of different things, and is considered ‘General Purpose’, so it can help with coding in Python, or PHP, or other programming languages, or it can answer all kinds of questions for you to the best of its ability based on its knowledge of millions of documents.

However, that general purpose, chat-based application means it can be kind of “the Jack of all trades, and master of none”. It has built-in limitations, such as a limit on what it can remember (which prevents it from reprogramming itself and potentially undoing all the work that went into teaching and training it). You absolutely will need to learn about those limitations, partly through reading, and partly through experience before you fully master the tool.

You’ve probably heard/seen hundreds of posts, tweets, articles, and videos all saying what a hugely powerful tool AI is, right? That is totally true. So think about some other powerful amazing tools humanity have, whether that is a chainsaw, or a bacon slicing machine, an earth-mover, a snow-plough… They all deserve a LOT of respect and caution, and you sure as heck better learn how to use them safely, responsibly, and always keep an eye on them if you want to avoid very destructive outcomes, right?

Same deal.

As for what the differences between OpenAI (the company that make GPT and ChatGPT, and Jasper, and Dall-E, etc) and AIPRM are, well, OpenAI make and license the GPT engine (in several versions) and for a subscription to ChatGPT offer priority access to connect to it when there’s a lot of contention (user demand), plus some plug-ins, and you get some choices over exactly which engine version you want ChatGPT to use at any specific time. It is all about access to ChatGPT.

AIPRM is an extension and is all about extra features and utility, instead of about basic access.

Hope that’s helped to clear a few things and explain exactly why learning, and some effort, is absolutely expected and unavoidable in a no-nonsense, common-sense way.

Hi Ammon. I wanted to check this out. I purchased the AIPRM Plus ($9 plan). Everything was fine. But now I keep getting a error “Something went wrong. If this issue persists please contact us through our help center at help.openai.com whenever I regenerate response".

What am I doing wrong?

If you look again at the error message you see that it asks you to contact help at help.openai.com rather than at aiprm.com which tells you which system or part of the system is throwing the error. In this case, this is a ChatGPT error, rather than an AIPRM error.

If you want to be entirely certain, you can temporarily disable the AIPRM extension and try the same sort of action without it, just to be sure it isn’t somehow some bug in AIPRM that’s passing bad code or an outdated method to the ever-changing ChatGPT system. Obviously, you should also check that you have the latest version of AIPRM, since the versions do change as the ChatGPT methods change and get updated, breaking previous ways of interacting.

If you find that the error only occurs while using the latest version of AIPRM, and you have no other extensions for ChatGPT installed that might be causing conflicts*, screenshot anything you think can help identify what is going wrong and email the AIPRM team at hello@aiprm.com

*Extension Conflict with AIPRM - no support, test or endorse of other ChatGPT extensions in parallel to AIPRM

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I’m kind of late to this party, but I’m with you Vickiey.

I think this is shady at best and, worse, most likely intentionally confusing. I found GPT very useful and clicked to upgrade. Why not do the annual subscription, I’m using GPT almost daily and want to get more out of it… and now, I’ve paid for access to a collection of links to upgrade because the intro plan only allows access to … more upgrade options.

I’m now very reluctant to upgrade GPT, as was my ONLY original intent.


Did something popup from its own to make you know and install AIPRM?
You knew the tool, and could have read about it and its capabilities (if you didn’t).
and You installed it by your own will.

AIPRM for ChatGPT” not “ChatGPT Alternative”…