What is your use case for AIRPM my fellow earthlings?

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I am grateful to come acros AIPRM with all of the expensive AIBS hype everywhere. I am using to write scripts for an affiliate marketing experiment YouTube channel with my son and also write an e-book about all of the new amazing tech coming out.
What is every one else using it for??


I am creating website articles for a WordPress website with it. It creates me a csv file with website content to import into WordPress.

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Personally I won’t use AI to generate or create content at all. Partly because creating content and writing are something I am so accustomed to, so at ease with, that it simply flows, effortlessly, while creating a prompt doesn’t. I also find it harder to grasp and work around someone else’s creative process, to complete or finish an article someone else (or an AI amalgamating dozens of someone elses) started, than to simply open up and let my own words pour out.

Some may ask “But what about topics you don’t know and need to write about?”. Well, again, years of experience in that exact situation. I’ve worked for hundreds of very diverse clients, across thousands of different campaigns. Learning things fast, quick research, is a part of my skillset. But more importantly, unknown topics are where people most often make the mistakes with AI generated content. When you prompt the AI on a topic you know well, you’ll almost always catch it out on a few small points. It makes just as many errors in unknown topics too, you just don’t know enough to spot them. You HAVE to do the research anyway to fact-check the AI’s output. Always.

No, where I recommend AI isn’t in the generating or creation, because those are the things AI is actually weakest at. Instead, I recommend AI for what it excels at - recognizing pattern and structure. AI makes for a superb editor, catching any grammatical errors, reorganizing your points into better structure, etc, etc.

It can act as a great virtual assistant. It can create detailed writer’s briefs. It is superb at anything to do with recognizing and emulating patterns and structure. It just has no imagination or creativity (though really detailed prompts, where you feed it all important facts to include, get around this very well).


Good question Eric, I am a photographer and keywords are a critical component. The GPT-3 API has opened up opportunities that I am currently exploring. It will be two weeks before I can test my use case.

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can act as a great virtual assistant

This 100%