Why it does not show organic competitors?

I am searching for the organic competitors of this website " https://realtorspk.com/" but unfortunately didn’t get any fruit full answer


1/ For starters, please give us the link to the Prompt Template you were using

2/ Then also be aware that ChatGPT and AIPRM will not crawl the web.

I recommend to go thru all AIPRM Training
and especially this article on ChatGPT not crawling.


yes i give the link and i also read about AIPRM extension before installing that "it can be used as inspiration for SEO-optimized content. Now why its not working

Working to replace your SEO Tool?

How is such hard-fact data related to “inspiration for SEO-optimized content”?

Now why its not working

Show us

  • what you used
  • what you entered
  • explain expected result

instead of just saying “is not working”, we barely understand what you try to do - do you?

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See what i entered and wht’s the expected result

Your 1 sentence was the “Prompt?”

Or did you use an AIPRM Prompt Template?

2 years ago, the folks at OpenAI finalized the selection of training data they would use to train their large language model. Other than what was in that huge amount of carefully selected data, and what is in your prompts now, it knows nothing, and it cannot access any file or URL to look anything up.

So unless the exact text of ‘https://realtorspk.com’ (those characters) were mentioned in the texts their AI was trained on 2 years ago, and some documents it studied listed all of the competitors of that time (2 years ago), it doesn’t know and cannot know, unless data in your prompt tells it.

Giving it a URL when it has no access to the web doesn’t help it. All it can do with that URL is see whether or not it had references to that URL, or documents talking about that URL in the data from 2 years ago.

Do you understand these built in limitations? It is not a crawler, and not a tool for looking up information online. It cannot do those things at all. It processes text that you put into the prompt, and replies based exclusively on your prompt, and the corpus of its training data.