Why not show the original prompt?

GOAL we want to achieve: Show the original prompt !

  • What is the point of hiding the original the prompt to the users ?

It’s like throwing someone in a conversation with just a small brief. It honestly feels like a ripoff or censorshit and as much as I started to like this extension, I often find myself using the original app with some tampermonkey scripts…

HOW we could do it:

Remove the coming soon from the prompt page on the website or maybe show it just in the actual chat window, but just show it.
Capture the topic / role / action of a prompt, let an original poster enjoy the likes and views, but also let other users enhance and discuss on the original prompts.

IMPACT for using AIPRM:

  • Now why am I saying this ?

I used plain chatGPT until recently and managed my own spreadsheeet with prompts and stuff, but I found out the conversations were alot better and I had more advantages:

** I could change roles mid conversation whenever I wanted, not needing to start a new chat in order to bring the original prompts back online. This thing added some interesting twists to the context

** I could modify and add my own stuff and tweak the original prompts to my liking. I had a good starter on which I could develop. This also improved the experience.

And last but not least, it’s not like it’s hard to find it… :blush:

Cheers !

Thank you for your replies ! @RealityMoez and @ecigator . I might have made it sound as an issue, but was more like an improvement in my mind :wink:
I also found a way of reproducing the original prompt without seeing it, but thank you for mentioning the ability to see it when you reopen the second time. Usually, when I reopen the second time the scrollbar is tinyy :smiley:
Cheers guys !

You can see the original prompt if you opened the chat for the second time.
Not an issue.

start a new chat, and then click back to your old chat, you will see the original prompt on the top