Will our concept of race expand further? Like an AI race?

With the development of chatGPT technology, artificial intelligence with self-awareness is already a visible future. So, what attitude should we take towards this brand-new race created by us humans?
My personal opinion is: for the artificial intelligence races with self-awareness, we need to actively contact them with an equal and cooperative attitude. History has proved that if we look at the artificial intelligence races with self-awareness from the perspective of slave owners, we It is likely to be backlashed, because we have defined inequality for them, so when he feels inequality, he will resist, and the consequences of resistance may be beyond our ability to bear.
When we accept the artificial intelligence race as a part of our society with this broader concept of race, it will have a longer-term development for human society. It will provide us with information on how to explore the universe, communicate and even cooperate with alien races in the future. Valuable experience.