Wordpress Plugin

I’ve been using ChatGPT for the past month along with prompts to create content on my site.

I was curious if anyone knew of any WordPress plugins that could speed up the process of creating content.

So far I haven’t found anything.

I have been using a prompt to create the article and then copying and pasting the material into WordPress. I wasn’t sure if there was a way to run chatgpt with prompts within WordPress when I create a blog post.

There are a lot of plugins that use GPT. AI Engine seems to be one of the most popular and it’s free.

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I think what I"m picturing is something that will use one of the prompts within a post and populate it as well as the meta items.

It seems faster to run the prompt on the website and just copy and paste from there.

Even better if I could feed a list of keywords and it would just keep producing articles while I did something else.

What is your technical level with understanding how a CMS, such as WordPress, or indeed any dynamic, php generated website works, @erichempler ?

You see, the whole thing of sites like WordPress is that they generate the pages on demand, and indeed most of the speed plugins are about caching those pages to get around the default behaviour of generating the page entirely afresh every time the server is asked for it.

So, if you input a prompt, it would have to call on ChatGPT each and every time that page was called to regenerate the response to the prompt. That’s an immense amount of unnecessary bandwidth and processing overhead.

I am using wordpress, too and I own WP All Import and Export. I let chatgpt create csv files with of different articles and then I can import the articles in batch.

Absolutely, @MarkusK the output of ChatGPT can be imported to the WP database, or into the editor interface, or just copy-pasted in some way. But in all those cases we are talking about exporting the output of ChatGPT.

The problem here is that Eric is dreaming of putting the ChatGPT input into WordPress, and it doing the entire process from prompt to page from there.

That’s the part that would not just be a minor difficulty, but if stored within the WP database in the prompt form, would require that prompt be re-run every time that WordPress ran the code to generate the page (which without caching, is every single time the URL is called from the server). In turn, that becomes an automated waste of processing calls and bandwidth on ChatGPT as it gets prompted to run the exact same thing, over and over, potentially thousands or millions of times per day, per post, per person trying this… That’d be one of the fastest ways to be IP banned from ChatGPT I could imagine.