with UX improvements and bug fixes

We just submitted AIPRM for ChatGPT v1.1.4.19 to Google

  • now displays “AIPRM Premium” if you have a paid account active, solving the confusion of some users - see also How can I see if I have a paid AIPRM Premium or AIPRM Free? NOT in extension, they look the same

  • export chat button in sidebar was enabled always not only in previous conversations/chat history (ChatGPT selectors changed)

  • “Save prompt as template” button in chat history was missing on small screens (ChatGPT selectors changed )

  • inconsistency with voting

  • “Activity” dropdown was empty when using “view prompt source” with e.g. SEO/Ideation (multiple overlapping activities)

This version is published by Google now.
It can take a few days until you get it automatically updated.

Item Name: AIPRM for ChatGPT