- AIPRM for ChatGPT Teams

Version with the long awaited AIPRM for ChatGPT Teams functionality is live

What this tutorial and

Learn how to share prompts with your team using the new AIPRM for Teams features.

You need to have AIPRM extension version or up.

Join the “AIPRM Teams” list by clicking on this click


to get immediate access to

  • the AIPRM Teams Feature (also for free accounts)
  • the YET UNRELEASED Prompts by Christoph showing in the video that helped market AIPRM organically to 1.5 million users without a single cent with paid ads, affiliate commissions of influencer sponsoring.

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Make sure you have the current extension or higher

I read somewhere that even on the free plan l can add unlimited team members, which it won’t allow me to do so. Can you please explain how many team members l can have on the

Plus, Pro, Elite and Titan Plans please!

The number of team users is now limited and is based on the quota of your plan:

  • Free (after you link your OpenAI and AIPRM accounts) - 7 Read-Only Team Users
  • Plus - 15 Read-Only Team Users
  • Pro - 25 Read-Only Team Users and 2 Co-Authors
  • Elite - 75 Read-Only Team Users, 10 Co-Authors and 1 Team Admin
  • Titan - 500 Read-Only Team Users, 40 Co-Authors and 5 Team Admins


For this question:

Are you suggesting that these users need to be removed from the team and rejoin as “Read-Only” members?

The answer is:

No, you can click on the little dots and change them to Read-Only Members yourself.
That’s where you changed them to Read-Write in the first place, from their default of Read-Only"

@c21techmanager #same. Our Pro plan is restricted to 3 total people (including myself). Hoping this is a bug and not a feature… @aiprm-christophc - Can you please provide an update or explanation for the number of team members allowed per plan?

@aiprm-tiborb Thanks for the update. I have the Pro plan, but my team is limited to myself and 2 other “Read-Write” Users. Are you suggesting that these users need to be removed from the team and rejoin as “Read-Only” members? Why does the UI display “1-3 of 3 users” at the bottom of the Users in Team panel?


It’s simple and clear from what he stated above.

For your case (Pro):

  • 2 Co-Authors” (Read-Write), and “25 Read-Only”, so you have already 2 Read-Write, you can’t have more than that in your Plan.

Because that’s how that panel’s UI work, 1-3 means “ranging from 1 to 3”, which means
showing 3 users of 3 total.