1,500,000 users in AIPRM is 5 months

1,500,000 Users of AIPRM in 5 Months already! WOW.

And I was right - our “LRT test hardware” was good for 1.5M AIPRM users (and probably 1.8M), but we’ve just migrated everyone to a much bigger infrastructure that was over one month in burn in preparation, performance testing, and preparation. In fact, the strongest cluster system we have ever managed.

We are now ready for the next million users and have some really nice plans how to get there real quick.

One is the FREE Teams feature, which was performance-tuned for the last week alone… just fighting for milliseconds here or there - and we’re not done yet.

No hardware can save you from the penalties of bad code, and the “but the optimizer will fix it all”-virus is in all our heads. At this level, every small detail matters. And such growth and performance challenges are what I love, what lets me survive for a few days with less sleep than usual.

So besides the commercial success (23,521 paying customers now), I am incredibly proud about the technical achievements. All that was made possibly only by making tough hardcore decisions on a technical level.

I’m excited about finally using the Teams feature with my Team, and I am sure people will love it.

After all - it will be UNLIMITED Teams, Team Lists, Team Prompts… for FREE.

…grow your AIPRM Team and Team Lists once you get in… you get to keep all you build up - of course.

I can’t wait this month will all bring until we’re six months young :wink:

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