7 days post plan as a digital marketer

create a 7 days post plan as a digital marketer to keep my audience engage

You get that this is a forum, not a prompt box, right?

You won’t believe how many similar messages
where people think they talk to ChatGPT
we got via Email or even Chat on our other properties.

First time seeing ChatGPT answering like that - WOW, they developed you a lot.

Certainly! Here’s a sample 7-day post plan to help keep your audience engaged as a digital marketer:

Day 1: Introduction and Welcome

  • Introduce yourself and your brand.
  • Share your brand story and mission.

Day 2: Educational Content

  • Share valuable tips or a tutorial.
  • Encourage audience engagement.

Day 3: User-Generated Content

  • Highlight customer reviews or creative submissions.
  • Run a contest or giveaway.

Day 4: Behind-the-Scenes Sneak Peek

  • Give a glimpse of your business or creative process.
  • Encourage audience interaction.

Day 5: Interactive Poll or Quiz

  • Create a poll or quiz for audience participation.
  • Share insights based on results.

Day 6: Influencer or Expert Collaboration

  • Collaborate with an influencer or expert.
  • Conduct an interview or Q&A session.

Day 7: Call-to-Action and Feedback

  • Encourage audience action and feedback.
  • Show appreciation and respond to comments.

Remember to customize the content and adapt it to fit your brand and audience.

I don’t think the durability of this solution will be very long, because humans can do better, and the current interaction of AI is not so natural, so, sir, I am not very optimistic about the current profitability, but I say no in the future Yes, I think the “cake” will be taken away by big companies, but your positive entrepreneurial attitude is worthy of recognition. Believe in your own creativity, maybe you can create “Samantha” (the AI in the movie “Her” heroine).

I think my previous remarks are very rude. I feel that it will hurt the other party invisibly and discourage the enthusiasm of the other party. I pray to you, Father Ammon. :cry:

What is … this … :grinning:

Now I attach great importance to the cultivation of moral character, which will make me go further. When I feel that I have offended others, I will correct it in time to correct my attitude, because it will make my heart calm, similar to the In the prayer room of the church, I said some sorry words to the priest, reminding myself to pay attention to my words, which is also conducive to maintaining a good communication atmosphere in the community. To be honest, I love this community very much, and I want to take good care of it. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

But when I meet bad people, I will say without hesitation: “Fxck!” This is out of respect for myself, and loving myself is also a topic worth discussing. :wink:


What do you mean by that?

I think he’s saying that he’s normally a very polite, helpful soul, (unless someone outright deserves otherwise). Add that to an earlier post deleted by author, and I believe Alf is simply concerned he might have been rude, or at least have said something that might be misinterpreted as rude by others, and is setting the record straight on his general nature and goodwill.

Yes, the community is sometimes like my growth record diary, I think when I see these bright spots when I am old, I should smile with satisfaction, and then say to her next to me: “Hey, old guy, look Look at how cute I was!” :partying_face:

When you go through something you will understand how great it is to love yourself! :+1:

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