7 Question Brand Story

link to Prompt "7 Question Brand Story" by "AI Smart Marketing" - AIPRM for ChatGPT

What the Prompt does

This prompt will ask you 7 questions about your business so that you can get:
*** 10 taglines**
*** 10 headlines **
*** 2 - 150 word elevator pitches**
*** 2 - 75 word elevator pitches**
This is done in a manner that makes your customer the hero as per the classic hero’s journey as defined by Joseph Campbell and updated for business by Donald Miller.

We use this as a base for all copy that we write because then chatgpt understands your business, and your customer, so you can get higher quality outputs in everything from your “about us” section on your website to full email marketing sequences to decks, blogs, and sales page copy.


First prompt is what is your business name, then GPT4 asks a series of questions below and you can see the client’s answer’s here:

Thank you for providing the information about Mango Publishing. I would like to ask a few questions to help me better understand your brand and create a compelling StoryBrand framework for Mango Publishing.

  1. Who is your hero? (Please insert the person who your product or service is designed to help)

The creative homebody, crafty person who has a lot of hobbies who loves to read and knit and be creative

  1. What is the hero’s problem? (What is the challenge that they are facing?)

they are looking for new ideas, new recipes, crafts, new things they can make Please write in

  1. What is the hero’s desire? (What do they want to achieve?)

they want to beautify their home, they want to make new things, they want to create and have fun

  1. What is the call to action? (What do you want the hero to do?)

buy a new book today!

  1. Who is the villain? (What or who is standing in the hero’s way?)

lack of money, shipping prices, higher prices, not being able to decide which one to get, not sure if it doesn’t have enough reviews Please write in English language.

  1. What is the inciting incident? What event sets the hero’s journey in motion?

they see something on pinterest or tiktok and they want to make it, they get inspired and want to do it, see influencers with a new book Please write in English language.


Thank you for your response.

  1. What is the climax? (This is the moment when the hero overcomes the villain and achieves their desire.)

when they get a matching offer that compels them to buy or see a video on the book and have to buy


Thank you for the insightful responses. Based on the provided information, here are some creative ideas for headlines, taglines, and elevator pitches that resonate with the brand story of Mango Publishing.


  1. “Awaken Your Creative Spirit with Mango Publishing.”
  2. “Inspiration Delivered Right to Your Doorstep.”
  3. “Breathe Life Into Your Home with Our Exciting Books.”
  4. “Unlock the Power of Creativity with Mango Publishing.”
  5. “Transform Your Space, Enhance Your Life.”
  6. “Enrich Your Home Life with Our Unique Books.”
  7. “Your Next Crafting Adventure Starts Here.”
  8. “Turn Your Creative Vision into Reality with Mango Publishing.”
  9. “Experience the Joy of Creating with Our Collection.”
  10. “Unleash Your Inner Artist with Mango Publishing.”


  1. “Mango Publishing – Where Creativity Comes Home.”
  2. “Experience the Joy of Creating.”
  3. “Fuel Your Imagination with Mango Publishing.”
  4. “Your Home. Your Canvas. Let’s Create.”
  5. “Ignite Your Passion for Creation.”
  6. “Enriching Lives with the Joy of Crafting.”
  7. “Creative Adventures Await at Mango Publishing.”
  8. “Dream. Create. Inspire. Repeat.”
  9. “Crafting Memories with Mango Publishing.”
  10. “Mango Publishing – Home of Creative Minds.”

Elevator Pitches (150 words):

Option One:
Are you a creative homebody seeking new ideas and inspiration? At Mango Publishing, we understand the desire to bring beauty into your home and make new things. We curate a diverse selection of books, each filled with creative adventures that fuel your imagination. Our books are a treasure trove of unique crafts, recipes, and home decor ideas that are just waiting to be explored. But we know that high prices and shipping costs can be a hurdle. That’s why we offer value-packed books with enticing deals and reliable shipping. Not sure which book to choose? Our detailed reviews and videos offer an in-depth look to help you decide. Take the first step towards your next creative journey. Buy a new book today!

Option Two:
Does your heart sing when you create something beautiful with your own hands? At Mango Publishing, we’re here to keep that song alive. We offer a world of unique books, each bursting with fresh ideas for crafts, recipes, and home beautification. Don’t let high prices and shipping costs deter you. With Mango Publishing, you can count on value for money and reliable shipping. Plus, our extensive reviews and interactive videos give you a sneak peek into the exciting content each book holds. Let’s breathe life into your home and put the fun back into your crafting. Get your new book today!

Elevator Pitches (75 words):

Option One:
Looking for fresh crafting ideas and home decor inspiration? Mango Publishing is your answer. Our books brim with unique ideas, while our value deals and reliable shipping tackle your budget concerns. With extensive reviews and interactive videos, choosing the right book is a breeze. Start your creative journey today with Mango Publishing.

Option Two:
Let Mango Publishing fuel your creative passion. Discover our unique books, filled with craft ideas, recipes, and home decor inspiration. Overcome budget concerns with our value deals and reliable shipping. Our detailed reviews and videos help you choose with confidence. Unleash your creativity with Mango Publishing today!

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How I came up with it

We always ask our clients about 4 pages of questions to get their brand story so that we can use it as the base of all of their copy. I wanted to shortcut this 5 hour process with a simple prompt. It works so well, we don’t have to do this 5 hour process and usually in a maximum of 15 min we have our first brand story output!

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