Add/Remove Specific Team Members of Lists by Email Address

GOAL we want to achieve:
I’d like to be able to add or remove specific people from a Team as people join and/or leave. As I understand we can only add people by sharing the link to the List. Currently people are added by emailing them the link. This does not allow me to remove people from accessing the List if we no longer want them to have access, or if they have moved on.

HOW we could do it:
Users are added via their email.
The email can act as their “login” to access the list.
Each team would have a list of all team members detailing their name and email, and showing if they have access or not to the list (e.g., a table with name, email, organization, and checkboxes for Access, Suspend, Delete)
Using a checkbox you could suspend them (i.e., they are still part of the Team but unable to access the prompts in the List temporarily), or delete them (e.g., I have a team member who has left the organization) which permanently removes them from the Team and access to the List.

IMPACT for using AIPRM:
This would provide greater control and transparency in managing the lists and team members. It would also make it easier to ensure that the right people have access to curated lists and are using them.

Many thanks for your help. Loving AIPRM since Day 1!

You can delete a user from the Teams menu if they are no longer part of your team. You can also invite other users from there. There’s no limit to how many teams you can make so feel free to create multiple teams and separate prompt lists for each team for more granular control.