Ahrefs with AI to help me find productive search areas

Finding ideas using Ahrefs is taxing. The data is all there. There is no reason why it should not have an AI or an algo of some sort to help me ID great search terms and low keyword difficulty

The bigger problem is that you are acting under a huge assumption: That Ahrefs somehow can give you an edge it hasn’t/couldn’t already give to those who have been using it for years already.

Ahrefs is a cool tool for quickly giving you a bunch of statistics, some of which may correlate to useful information, but it is not actually information itself. It is data, and it has to be processed, understood, and then applied with that understanding, to become information.

It can tell you that lots of sites have links with a certain set of keywords and thus that it might be difficult to compete, and be utterly wrong because the phrase is highly popular only with amateurs. It can tell you that another set of keywords are easy because few are competing and be absolutely and horribly wrong because the few that are ranking play so hard, and so dirty, they have killed off all the competition.

The very first thing any truly good SEO does when they find an easy niche, is make sure it looks impossibly hard in all the tool metrics to help stop competition. Because the SEOs know the tools well, and know exactly how to manipulate the much simpler set of signals that the tools use compared to the far more complex set of signals that Google use.

SEO has been around for much longer than 20 years. There are literally hundreds of thousands of people who’ve been involved in the industry, looking for all the low hanging fruit. If it was profitable then they are almost certainly still working on it, and if not, well, there’s a lesson there in itself.

SEO is not easy. Anyone who tells you it is is almost certainly trying to sell you their course.

Instead of looking for easy niches you have no direct knowledge of, nothing of value in yourself to bring to, focus instead on your talents. What are the topics/niches where you add value that most others could not. Where will you have the knowledge, the interest, and the passion to work as hard as it takes to succeed? That’s where to start. Not with a tool.

Even starting out with PAA type tools, looking for the unmet demand, the questions without answers, the demand with a lack of supply, isn’t going to make you the best resource in the world to supply the answers. You need to find the niche where you have an advantage in supply, where there is a barrier to competition. A niche which you can grow without the next person coming along who has every same tool and resource you do. Something that plays to your unique blend of personality, interests, and knowledge or experience that very few others would have.

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