AI content is being detected!

Has someone noticed that you can’t use the content generated by AIPRM or chatGPT, since it gets detected as AI content! Is it possible for the content not to be detected!

AI detectors are all complete nonsense that will regularly be 100% certain that human written content is from AI. The search engines do not use AI detection. They use value detection. If your content is being banned from search it is not because it was written by AI but because it is badly written and of too low value, and would have been likewise banned if a human had generated content without any original thought, insight, or value.

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The reason for asking, I had submitted a GREAT article written by AIPRM in ChatGPT to and they rejected it because it was AI content

If the potential buyer says it isn’t great, then it isn’t great, no matter how great the person selling it thinks it is.

The customer is always right.

They may not be the right customer, of course, but for the right company, that customer is always right.

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