AIPRM 400k+ users after 7.5 weeks

AIPRM: 15 days later from 200k → 400k+ users

On Sunday AIPRM will turn 8 weeks old.

And we’re just getting started :rocket:

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Crazy isn’t - where will this be heading :slight_smile:

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We are still running on the test servers and should be fine until 1.5 million.

Some week on the path there we need to invest into more production servers.


Real recognizes Real!!
AIPRM is an absolute game changer!
Best Chrome extension by far.
Thank you for inventing and also for this forum.


How this AI will look like after 10 years. :grinning:


I believe IQ level of a person will go down… People will be looking for genuine people with brains around the world.

Is it plausible people save time using AI & become more able to invest time into becoming more intuitive by accessing the most unused portion of their brains? What if AI affects people wanting to become “Limitless”? If you believe your comment which implies people will become lazy, how did you end up in this space with those of us who are seeking a faster, more efficient way to heighten productivity? (I’m not trying to be mean. Your comment seems critical and (possibly, hypocritical). :confused: Can we all try to build a positive community and share this amazing tool alongside AI knowledge? Thank you for considering this notion & Happy FriYay from California! :heart_eyes:

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We’re all super excited 4 the ride! :star_struck: :rocket:

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Becoming Limitless, possibilities are always there. Reasonable control is a matter of IQ.


I cannot imagine in 1 year

That’s because the idea of this extension is really cool. :heart_eyes:
If you add the Aso and SEO feature for mobile applications (Activity), as you did in the Games, I will guarantee you a lot of new users, because I will publish it in a community for that.
You can also tell me how to add a feature myself in AIPRM I can help. :sunglasses:

IQ? I don’t even know mine. :laughing: I’ve known Mensa level. He wasn’t having any fun, unfortunately…

I like your name, Satnam. It’s a greeting used by my Yoga sensei. It seems you share the same name as a professional wrestler/basketball player. We are very fortunate to be in such illustrious company. Are you and he one and the same? If not, we are still fortunate to have you with us, to keep us dreamers :face_with_peeking_eye: on our toes & things to come.

:pray:t5: Ase’ & SatNam

You can read about the meaning of my name here: Satnam - Wikipedia
For me, My IQ drives from here only. Many religions use the same name which derives from Sikhism for their own purpose and with their own ideology. So it’s ok what you know is fine, you can read more if you really want to… Rest everything is really fortunate we are living in this world and can talk to each other with our own ideology and languages. Technology doesn’t like it…
Connect yourself with Nature you will meet with your IQ :wink:

Surely, Satnam. I will take that under advisement & I understand your name to translate as “Truth is my essence”. Clearly you are aptly named in this case. Regarding IQ–the number Daphne-8-ly is unimportant to me. 100%! I cannot commune with a number. Regarding nature, yes, especially the trees, for me. Long ago, I read the classic, “The Secret Life of Plants”, by Peter Tompkins. I recently picked it up again, in my spare time. Sentient Beings, plants are. If your eyes would ever meet its’ pages, you will be intrigued by the plants’ secret language.

Regarding technology–necessary, until humans access more of their brain’s potential, ie. telepathy, psychic viewing, as I alluded previously.

/Satnam, I am wishing you the happiest of days and may each be better than the one before. Health & Happiness :tanabata_tree: :deciduous_tree: :palm_tree: