AIPRM Chat Time-Out Too Fast

I am having the problem where the dialogue box time-out too fast.
Barely a minute or so of typing, and when I submit the request, a red dialogue box will pop up and say “Something went wrong. If this issue persists please contact us through our help center at”
When I use ChatGPT without the AIPRM, this error message does not pop up so often.
This problem pretty much render the AIPRM unusable.
Wonder if anyone else faced the same problem?

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I guess this is just because AIPRM helps you prompt OpenAI ChatGPT a lot faster, than if you do it by hand.

In general I’ve seen some ChatGPT outages today again, already in European morning… typically it starts in the evening when US wakes up


That happens to me many times, whether with AIPRM or without.
I always fix it by refreshing the page, and sometimes I think it’s because OpenAI needs to check for connection security (Cloudflare) every period of time while using ChatGPT.

Thanks for the reply, mate!
I just check it today. It seems like the problem has worsened.
Hope this can be fixed soon.