AIPRM Community Icon Creative Design Party

I am going to print the icon of our AIPRM community on the lighter as a sample display, which is equivalent to advertising our website for free (in fact, I mainly think that our community is really great, and I want to commemorate it in this way. A kind of tribute that only I can understand), so is there a more beautiful icon picture of our community, preferably with the name of the community, or designed by the two founders? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: When it’s done, I’ll post a picture to show you guys. wink~ :wink:


Do you mean the AIPRM icon on the top left ?

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Yes, I need a clearer and more creative icon. Everyone can participate in the design and send out the AIPRM icon designed by AI drawing.To knowledge(The classic line in the movie “Lucy”)

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I think the Logo itself for AIPRM is dope and pretty good, it’s like the Transformers and it reflects that with AIPRM functionalities … It transforms ChatGPT to a different level.

I think it can be a little bit bigger/scaled-up and the header color to be the same as the icon background.


Yes, the icon of the website itself is good enough, but we can have a creative party about “AIPRM Icon Design”, we can try abstract style, ink painting style, modern art style or classic style, and create everyone I have my own AIPRM icon in my heart, and it also shows the diversity of our website. What a great idea! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

You come first? don’t be shy :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

After I input the request into the AI drawing software, the software says it cannot understand :thinking:

Took only 3 minutes in Dall-E for me.

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really liked that movie and seen 2 times at least!

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I watched it no less than five times, and now it seems that this movie is simply a great work :heart_eyes:

Thank you, this way the picture is much clearer and the printing machine can recognize it more clearly. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Great, I got another new knowledge, nice “deal” :sunglasses:

I selected 5 companies with great potential in the new era, and printed their icons on a set of lighters (5 lighters are a set), as a display sample of advertising lighters in the online store, and you are one of them ,come on! I believe in you!

Our laser printers can only print monochrome at present. Fortunately, your icon is not like that of Microsoft. Hahaha, Microsoft’s icon has too many colors. I will directly remove its icon pattern, leaving only “Microsoft”. :rofl:


Indeed, according to what you said, it looks similar to the faction logo of Transformers. In the future, I will say: “I am Optimus Prime, from AIPRM, and I will guard this world!” (Then make a keyboard sound of typing code ) :partying_face: