AIPRM does not accept business from Russian - directly or indirectly

Today we learnt that there are “foreign payment” gateways, where russian people can pay with russian credit cards for services in the rest of the world (aka “western” services, aka “foreign”).

This circumvents the sanctions that Visa & Mastercard have on Russia since their invasion started.

The “trick” seems to be, that it just goes via a Turkish company that takes the Rubel payments and then purchases “on behalf” of their russian customers.

We see a lot of these buying attempts.

So we find a lot of really fishy footprints in AIPRM and block/refund them all.

We refuse quite sizable sums of money here.

It sticks out likea sore thumb in our risk management and every responsible merchant could do the same.

While we understand that russian users would also like to work with AIPRM, we do not support circumventing sanctions and we do not support any action Russia has taken since it’s invasion of Ukraine last year.