"AIPRM forum" link behavior

Hi guys,

Curretnly pressing “AIPRM forum” link on the ChatGPT interface goes straight to the forum by default, Thuse exiting ChatGPT. It’s bad UX. Please make pressing the link open a new tab by default. In most cases the users doesn’t want to leave the ChatGPT interface, they just want to get an answer to a query.
The same is true for the opposite behavior - when pressing a link to a prompt in the forum, it should open it in a new tab.

Yes. Good point. The forum menu should open in separate tab.

Very good point and welcome to the forum @Erez_Markovich - glad you made it over from our FB group, thanks for all your ideas and contributions there also!

(Bumping your user trust level soon)

This “open in new window” in already prepared and will come with the next update.