AIPRM integration with BING Search Engine

GOAL we want to achieve: Content better optimised for SEO purposes and with up to date information

HOW we could do it: I think it should be fairly simple integration.

IMPACT for using AIPRM: Probably 50% of AIPRM prompts are for SEO, so why not let Search Engine itself write content. Prompt Engineering is the New Hot-Market so why not lock it when you can. Im already actively searching for a Team and Investors on Polywork, if you dont do it i will.

To be a good quality integration with ChatGPT, I think it would not be simple at all.
(not like other ‘online search ChatGPT extensions’)

In some categories I see upcoming ChatGPT texts (that friendly-teaching-neutral style). In the end, will bots feed bots and prompters sit in Ibiza watching the click rates? I don’t know what’s happening next, but there is no such thing as perpetuum mobile. That shouldn’t work for long.

I understand the request as

“AIPRM for Bing” (and it’s built in ChatGPT)

and not for OpenAI ChatGPT.

The results will be fairly similar for now, as Bing only uses GPT3.5 like ChatGPT and does that laughable and very unreliable “Source injection” which is more a PR stunt than anything.

Possible yes, but useful to AIPRM users?