AIPRM is 3 Months now. 8,992 paid of 886,335 users in total

:birthday: :birthday::birthday: Today AIPRM is exactly 3 months young. :tada: :tada: :tada:

We launched on January 8, 2023. WOW, what a journey.

Some numbers:

:moneybag: 8,992 paid users 23 days after paid launch.
:busts_in_silhouette: 886,335 users in total
:chart_with_upwards_trend: 41,686,901 million usages of AIPRM Prompt Templates
:memo: 44,533 Prompt Templates
:globe_with_meridians: 2,551 Public Prompt Templates
(and 595 deleted from spam action)
:+1: 3,607,994 User Votes on Public Prompt Templates
:ticket: 632 support tickets from all users in the first 3 weeks
:speech_balloon: 561 Community Forum Posts
:question: 40 Support Help FAQ articles
:robot: Support bot trained on help/forum content
(try this with a Facebook group Mr. Onlinemarketingexpert hrhr)
:shield::credit_card: xx,xxx in fraud transactions prevented and auto-refunded
(one attacked tried 186 stolen credit cards in 1 session)
:policewoman: some criminal actions to be pursued further
:desktop_computer: Server Upgrades in plan, all estimates held up so far.

:thinking: Surprisingly low volume of complaints when going from free to paid, we expected 10x to 20x more

:dollar: Early Bird ends April 17, then higher prices for new purchases

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This is incredible! I’m so happy for you, mate! I can’t imagine how much blood, sweat, and tears went into keeping everything running during this incredible growth!


Congratulations, I seem to smell the aroma of money :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Congrats, what a successful journey which needs to be continued. Best wishes for that :+1:


Thank you for your incredibly useful job Christoph

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That’s great! I’m new to the community. How does it work? Do the creators get a piece of the MRR? I noticed we can create prompts and people can use them. Is there compensation for the user generated content? Thank you. Keep it up!

The compensation is author advertisement through the author URL, and if your prompt is popular and good enough, it can get verified by AIPRM Team.

When verified, you will get a special treatment.