AIPRM Plugin - Version, Updates, Etc A few quesitons

I get the emails about the updates - which are helpful yes.

I remember the FIRST time that I was told to uninstall the old AIPRM, and told to install the New one, thus making it never free anymore. So I subscribed to a plan, that’s all fine.

Where do I find the CURRENT version that is available to update TO? I know how to find MY current version installed

Must I ALWAYS be uninstalling and reinstalling the plugin now to get updated features? Will that always be part of the process?

Or is there an auto-update?

Where can I see the most current version number so I know if I need an update?

Some of the stuff about versions (and the delay in getting them out) is that AIPRM is an extension to another company’s software - namely the Browser and thus Google Chrome. So, the developers (AIPRM in this instance, but its similar for other extensions) have to get each version passed by Google before it can be listed and available via the Play store.

That’s not quite correct. There is still, and will remain, a Free Plan, and you are never forced to pay to have access to all of the basic features.