AIPRM Premium - First Login Experience NOT Good

I’ve used ChatGPT very little over the last several days due to illness. Having mixed feeling about the features in each Premium level, I held off enrolling until today. Sadly, when logged in for the first time after upgrading, I could only find a tiny space to enter any commands or content requested. See this screenshot. Note that I also picked other AIPRM prompts and the same thing happened.

DO you see, right at the bottom of your screenshot, where it says WebChatGPT Extension v3.1.5 ?

That’s not AIPRM, nor OpenAI, but another extension trying to modify all the same things, such as layout of the screen, conflicting with AIPRM, and breaking everything. You cannot install multiple different extensions all trying to do the same thing (modify the ChatGPT interface) at the same time, anymore than you can varnish a floor at the same time as you polish it at the same time as you walk on it.

See: The Greatly Simplified Explanation of Conflicts and
Extension Conflict with AIPRM - no support, test or endorse of other ChatGPT extensions in parallel to AIPRM


Thanks for the help, @Ammon. While it doesn’t show on the screenshot, that extension had been turned off and previously, it did not impact the use of AIPRM. I uninstalled it, refreshed the browser, and now I’m able to enter commands again.
As for ChatGPT Chrome extensions, Open AI announced more would be available today. If I interpret what you’ve reported correctly, I should not install any of them if I want to use AIPRM.

Great to know you resolved the conflict issue, @BarbTUSA .

The news about the new OpenAI plugins for ChatGPT is pretty exciting, and looks like it adds quite a lot of the functionality they have previously restricted or held back. It is pretty certain they’ll change some of the ways that any extension (meaning AIPRM) has to work to be following all the right procedures and protocols, but because they come from OpenAI directly, I think it is safe to say that AIPRM will support those, and work as quickly as possible at making AIPRM work with any new API protocols, new functionality, etc.

Now we all have to wait and see what is released, and how it works, unless OpenAI release more details for everyone using APIs and extensions.

@Ammon is 100% right, and we’re on it!

Very excited actually :slight_smile:

ChatGPT Plugins are different to all the Chrome Extensions for ChatGPT we need you to remove.

We don’t have ChatGPT Plugins ourselves, yet, so there’s no guidance for it possible.

BUT, here’s the place where you’ll hear it first, rest assured :wink:

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I have a question, Can I add other plugins when I am using AIPRM? I don’t see where to search for other plugins, and I am beginning to think it is because of AIPRM. I would like to be wrong in believing this issue.


How did you notice that discovery? “AIPRM preventing users to search :thinking:
You search for plugins in the extensions (plugins) store, not in ChatGPT.

Chatgpt I was not clear about what I was looking for, so I attached a screenshot of what I am looking for on my ChatGPT. Is the reason I can not see the search box on the front page of Chatgpt because of AIPRM, is that correct? And if so how do I remove AIPRM, so I can add plugins as in the screenshot?

Thanks in advance.