ChatGPT Plugins

OpenAI has announced ChatGPT plugins.

These are exciting power ups to utilize with AIPRM.

Cannot wait to test them all out.

This will take prompt engineering to the next level…

  • Browsing and Extracting the web
  • Data Input & uploads of images & CSV
  • Data Output & downloads of files
  • Executing Zapiers
  • And more…

Hi Christoph. I’ve now got access to all plugins, including browsing and third party now with
ChatGPT4 plus.
I’ve had browsing for a month or so and liked it.

But now I’ve got all the plugins available. We can use three at a time of the 50 plus. I’m looking to you for some direction with you using these along with AIPRM premium.
Thank you,


Hey @Mark_Barrus

OpenAI has rushed this rollout
based on the Google IO announcements
and provided a pretty limited Plugin Store from what I can tell.

We’re still investigating what’s in there and expect a couple major improvements to make it more useful, beyond the typical “Ted Talk” examples.

OpenAI also hasn’t given us a head start, so we only got access with “everyone” yesterday, despite several failed attempts with “dev rel” to jump the queue given our reach.

In addition to that, the UI/UX launched on Friday night before Mother’s day is also different from earlier versions…

… combine that with a selection of many severly limited / non-generic (aka useless) plugins, there’s some more work to be done.

But we’re on it and prepared many things despite this moving target.

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Thanks so much for all you do for us.