AIPRM Premium Login Issue with Different Email Address


I accidentally registered for the AIPRM premium tool with a different email address, and when I try to log in with Google to the premium tool that I actually purchased, it logs me in with the old email address. I am unable to log in with my new email address.

I am reaching out to request your assistance in resolving this issue. I would like to use my new email address for my registration details.

Thank you for your help.

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Hello and thanks for your message - that sounds complicated.

  • registered for the AIPRM premium tool with a different email address <= Your Google Email 1 (“New”)
  • it logs me in with the old email address <= Your Google Email 2? just enter the Email 1 I’d say

Can you please send all the details to our support?


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I deleted cookies, uninstalled and reinstalled the app, but I got no results. @aiprm-christophc

You have successfully connected your OpenAI account with AIPRM.

“Switch to your ChatGPT tab”
to start using premium features.

Switch to your ChatGPT tab. “I click on the tab but it connects to my personal account”. It does not connect with the mail I made a purchase with. @aiprm-christophc

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Thanks @moon_zelte

We’re investigating, thanks for your patience. I’m also setting your post with the personal details to hidden.

Ok, thank you very much. I am waiting for your return, thanks again for your help. @aiprm-christophc

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same thing happened with me but no sucess how i can logout my old email from chatgpt it saying you ae signed with email 1 but i purchased it with email 2 now i have aiprm pro in my orginal email 2 but i am unable to change the first email

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We describe the solution for now, and the future solution here

The automated solution is coming…

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I have a similar issue. But can’t buy using the new email. Keeps logging into AIPRM with the old email.

maybe try

1/ log out


2/ logout of Google account

3/ clear your cookies

4/ connect again fresh at

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