AIPRM Pro to AIPRM Elite Plan Change and Billing Issues

I recently upgraded my subscription from AIPRM Pro to AIPRM Elite and made the payment for the new plan. I also canceled my subscription to the AIPRM Pro plan. However, my account still shows that I am on the AIPRM Pro plan instead of the AIPRM Elite plan. Additionally, I have not received a receipt for my AIPRM Elite payment via email.

Could you please help me understand what happened? My AIPRM Pro subscription was valid until May 6th, 2023. Do I have to wait until the end of the validity period before my AIPRM Elite plan becomes active?

Thank you.

Please review this help article

If you still have troubles finding your new payment,
you maybe have purchases in a separate account email?

You can send details to for further investigation.

Hi, I signed up for AIPRM and instead of being charged one time per month, I was charged 3x each month. I have only logged in through one email. I spoke to my bank because I couldn’t get help. They blocked my card and sent out a new one. They refunded me the 4 charges that should not have gone through. I paid the 2 charges that should have gone though. I tried explaining this to support and got no help. I have not received any invoices or receipts. Where do I go to get help? I liked the service, and don’t mind paying its cost for it. But being charged 200% more than everyone, doesn’t make any sense. I signed up and paid for it. Why can’t I access billing and receipts??? I have copies of my credit card charges.

Erin, you purchased AIPRM multiple times, which is supported by our plan stacking

You did not want to live up to your mistakes, follow our advice, or accept our policies you agreed to and thus
filed chargebacks for all of them, incurring fees on top of the money forced back from the bank.

Accessing your invoices was and is always possible, if you had followed the advice, the link and explanations here

i.e. going to your billing page here AIPRM for ChatGPT

Following our chargeback policy, we’ve locked down your account
and we are not interested in doing business with you or anyone else using forced refunds via bank’s charge back mechanisms, as can be read also in our terms you agreed to for every single time you went thru the checkout for the purchase presenting your card.

So you were not being charged “more than anyone”,
you just wanted to enforce your expectations to how my business should be working,
and that’s not happening anytime soon.

Good luck.