All my prompts vanished on OpenAI account change

I used to share an OpenAI account with a friend since $20 is quite expensive here in Brazil. My friend decided to stop paying so we ended the subscription and I created a new openAi account with my personal e-mail only for me

When I linked my AIPMR account to this new OpenAI account, all the prompts that I developed were gone

When I log in to my old account, all of the prompts are still there. It seems like AIPMR save the prompts to a specific OpenAI account and not to the AIPMR account (Which would make more sense to me)

This way I cant change OpenAI accounts and take my work with me even if its the same AIPMR account

Is there a workaround for this?

I have a looooooot of prompts and i really did not want to create all of them again, even if its only a ctrl c + ctrl v job

Thanks for your ideas. Currently, this is not possible. Please post them in the feature request group, following the template there:

Then users can read, comment and vote on it. Thanks so much for your support!

As a workaround, you could ask your friend to create an AIPRM Team and Team List. Then, change these prompts to team prompts and invite you to join this team and share them with you.