Amazon Product Research: Model Browsing ALPHA (Live Web Crawl)

Live Web Crawl Through ChatGPT Model: Browsing ALPHA

This prompt crawls the provided Amazon Product URL within { } and organizes the findings into separate categories as follows:

  • Keywords in the Listing:
  • Additional Suggested Keywords:
  • Search Terms:
  • Identified Features:
  • Benefits:
  • User Applications:
  • Target Audience:
  • Product Measurements:



Hmm, tried this and it gives results for a totally unrelated item. Gave it a grocery product URL and it responded with results for a digital camera…

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Hi, this only works with the ChatGPT Model: Browsing Alpha, which has live web crawling capabilities.


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Am using it from

First type Start and Enter, after the message, put your Amazon URL inside curly brackets { } and execute.

Example URL

hi, do i need alfa model which i don’t have or it works on GPT4? what do i need to use it?

The answer is right there above @STEVEN_MILLER

Without that, ChatGPT cannot access any URL or external references.

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