Announcement: New AIPRM Features ⚙

Exciting news everyone :partying_face:

We’ve been hard at work to bring you some updates that’ll make your AI experience even smoother and more powerful.

Let’s walk through these improvements!

:key: Multiple Custom Profiles & Quotas:

Unlock the ability to have multiple profiles in AIPRM! Switch between different profiles effortlessly using the drop-down menu, and enjoy the flexibility of managing your prompts and customizations. Available to ALL AIPRM users, with quotas based on your subscription level.

:busts_in_silhouette: Teams and User Roles:

Teams just got even better! You now have the ability to give Admin or Read-Write permissions to other members of your team.

This allows users to add/modify Team Prompt Lists.

:art: UX Improvements for “Your Account”:

We’ve revamped the “Your Account” modal window, making it easier for you to manage your account, teams, and custom profiles with a more user-friendly interface.

:paintbrush: Hide the AIPRM Watermark:

If you’re on AIPRM Elite plan or higher, you have the option to remove the watermark from the ChatGPT output, giving your prompts a cleaner look.

:gear: Key Layout Fixes:

We’ve swiftly addressed layout adjustments whenever OpenAI makes changes to ChatGPT, ensuring a seamless experience for you.

You can read more about the updates here.

Be sure to share your experiences and feedback in the forum’s ongoing changelog.

Let us know how we’re doing and of course, reach out if you have any questions :mechanical_arm:

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