Any one knows a good prompt template for facebook ads?or any source that can help thanks

help with FB ads to improve my skill and work efficiently.


To improve your skill, efficiency, results, and career, there is nothing even close to the power of learning. If you use AI to avoid learning, to avoid the practice of skills and application of knowledge, then you lose all of that.

Advertising (and content marketing) both depend on a level of understanding exactly who your market are; where, when and how to reach them; and the psychology to get right inside their heads, to understand their needs and desires and worries.

AI absolutely sucks at this right now. It needs the operator (the person doing the prompts) to not only tell it all of those things, but then to verify it understood correctly and what it thinks is the right tone and the right message really is.

For just one example, Bard AI has learned about the Myers-Briggs Personality tests, and has been taught to believe it is an INTP personality type. That’s just the wishful thinking of those who programmed it, and the lack of understanding. In every way possible, rather than an Introvert (the ‘I’ in INTP) an AI is the absolute epitome of an Extrovert. It only responds to prompts and interaction, having no power or energy unless with others.

It certainly isn’t intuitive, it isn’t ‘thinking’ in any sense we know it, but instead measures everything on its internal scale, making it Judging… In other words, even checked by the programmers, it has absolutely no understanding of psychology or personality types. If you ask it to write in a certain style, it simply attempts to copy the words that were specifically noted to be of that style, with no understanding at all of the thought processes, the hopes and fears, behind ANY personality or decision.

So, rather than turn directly to AI with such a broad and self-defeating purpose, first you need to master the craft, become an expert in the field, so that you will be able to create expert level prompts, with expert level insight and understanding. Anything else is just absolutely setting yourself up to be completely replaced by AI, because writing obvious prompts is one of the very first skills AIs can and will learn.

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Really … this is the only truth about AI, and it may be disappointing (self-disappointment) to many people.

I was one of them actually, who now knew that this is bad for our future as humans and bad for our intelligence, we in some way forget that we humans (with the incomparable intelligence of our mind) invented today’s AI.

If we would try to make AI a replacement for human intelligence/dominance,
We will end human race by our hands - that’s why I totally agree with Elon Musk’s concerns about AI,
Because our current intentions/actions with AI now (that’s not so powerful as we would imagine)
is leading us to that AI singularity / human race destruction.

…and I learn from my mistakes.

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thank you for the insights. I appreciate it

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