Any SEO prompt for increasing Off-page activities?

Hey there,

I am newbie to this forum and SEO as well. Came across this nice plugin and joine this community to check whether there’s any prompt to increase off-page activities in SEO.

My role in my currenct organization is community building and off-page activities like link building. I would like to explore this plugin usage in my activities.

Please share any prompt which can help me.

Again thanks in advance.

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ChatGPT (or similar LLM based AI) can do a lot of different things that can help an SEO out. Some of the exact weaknesses of LLM AIs are also their strengths. They are built to recognize and predict patterns, and a lot of SEO is about the same thing.

Just don’t ask them to write articles for you.

I’m serious. Predictable re-spins of information published hundreds of times before isn’t the way to go in SEO, especially since the ‘Helpful Content’ update from Google that was purposely aimed at penalizing that exact sort of content.

But its ability to impose pattern and structure to widely accepted norms makes it a great editor on articles that you write yourself.

Don’t expect it to generate original or creative ideas.

But you can absolutely know it will often help you identify long-standing trends (long standing because it has been trained on data up to the date of 2021), most-mentioned stuff, and the ideas everyone would have, that you can use as a foundation to be creative and different with.

It can absolutely help you identify the commonly associated entities and attributes around any particular topic or subject matter, which can be useful in this age of semantic search and Knowledge Graphs.

It can’t really do research of any kind for you. It doesn’t have the logic ability, the judgement, or the analytical skills in how it functions. This is often hidden from the foolish because it absolutely will predict and generate likely-looking text that then sounds like it used logic and analysis.

It can do amazing thing in a back-and-forth discussion with the AI, where you bounce ideas off it, check carefully its answers, and work collaboratively with it to do complex tasks step by step, one at a time. Just remember that the onus is always on you, the operator, to check and verify what it says is really true. You have to apply the logic, reasoning, and fact-checking that current AI cannot.

Read A Crash Course in LLM-based AI to get a fuller understanding of what the AIs can do, and more importantly, what they need you to do.