APIRM Content On Google

I used AIPRM content on my client’s website, but for some pages, Google will not rank that content or even take too much time to index website. I need an opinion from an expert. I am so confused.

So, there are various steps involved in a search engine ranking content.

First it has to discover it - to know that the page exists, what the URL is, and add it to its list of known URLs. That part is known as Discovery.

Next comes Crawling. Even Google cannot index every single URL that people create simply because hundreds of thousands of them are created worldwide every few seconds, 24/7. Instead, all known URLs are assigned a Crawl Priority, and in any given period of time, the Crawler simply works as far down that prioritized list as it can. But remember all those hundreds of thousands of new URLs being created every few seconds, well, the higher priority ones of those jump the queue. The result is that below a certain level of priority, Google just never get that far down the list.

Crawl Priority is a system almost as complex as search rankings are. The ‘importance’ of a URL is taken into account, such as whether Google knows there are lots of links from other important sites and pages to the URL. Is the URL a new page on a site that people often do brand search about? Are the words associated with links to the page something that is trending, or has a lot of search volume? These things, and more, can raise the priority of crawling that page. There’s also a boost if Google has indexed very much from that site yet, and wants to discover more.

On the flip-side to that, there are things that can lower the priority. Does Google already have quite a bit of content from the site, but none of it is proving very useful to Google’s own customers (rarely clicked, and when it is, searchers often return to results to search for a better answer)? Are the pages already indexed not that helpful? Is the quality of content already indexed a bit low? Those are all factors that can lower priority, even to the extent of pushing it below the priority threshold where it will get crawled at all.

Once a URL has been crawled, that still doesn’t automatically mean it gets indexed. First it is likely to need to be rendered, and in that stage further scrutiny of the page itself is made. If the page is good, indexing is usually just a matter of rubber-stamping. But if the page has issues, low quality, thin content, excessive ads, poor page experience, or spam, then it may not be indexed at all.

Only once a page has been successfully indexed can it get ranked in search results. There are some ways to show up without being ranked - e.g. for specialized search operators like a site: search sometimes, but rankings only apply to indexed pages.

You’d need to get a proper SEO audit done on the site to identify all the possible issues, to look at your link popularity, etc. However, just at a glance I can tell you your site is quite slow to load, and a lot of the content is built more to rank in search engines than to actually make sense to people or sell to them.

For an example, the very first blog post I looked at, " Why impact windows are important for your home in Miami" reads like spam. The first Paragraph starts off with:
“Miami enjoys year-round sunshine and warm temperatures, making it an ideal place to live for people who love the outdoors. The pleasant weather and sunshine in Miami ensure that outdoor activities and beach days are always a possibility.”
But just a couple of sentences later it says
“After building or buying a home in Miami, you must take the necessary steps to protect it against extreme weather conditions and storms. Hurricane season is a significant challenge for residents, businesses, and government organizations in Miami. In fact, the city has been hit by a number of major hurricanes in recent years causing massive destruction and disruption to life, with flooding, wind damage, and extended power outages.”

Obviously, any human looking at this starts to chuckle. So, its great for outdoors with perfect weather all of the time, especially during the hurricanes that have hit a lot with massive destruction…

I really hope that an AI wrote that page. Because if a human wrote that without thinking how it read, you have an even worse problem - someone lacks empathy and understanding to even spot a problem once it is pointed out.