Are Human Results really better than AI Results?

Example: Poor UX by one of the richest and most valuable companies in the world, Microsoft. 200k+ employees.

In a Windows settings dialogue that’s at least 10 years matured.

I have questions.

1/ What’s the purpose of the explainer sentence that describes 2 options 100% identically, and the third one not at all?

2/ Why is the non-selected “Balanced” option bold, when I picked “Performance”?

These days we all look at mistakes of AI models, AI hallucinations and stuff made up from often very trivial prompts.

Very often the poor output from AI results from poor human input.

What would you say if this dialogue was suggested by an AI?


Thank you for this! :100: I’ve been trying to shout this from the rooftops :joy:

The course outlines that I’m generating with AI are better than most courses I’ve seen humans come up with. Only 3% of people actually finish an online courses. And it’s because most of them are trash.

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Yeah @Christel_OCC thanks for chiming in.

It’s just one very simple obvious example I gave here.

Same with people claiming that ChatGPT cannot do good programming for them.

If instructed/prompted correct you get 10x faster and even better output than from normal human software developers. not perfect, but show me the perfect human!

It is comparing apples to oranges, which may count toward your 5-a-day just fine, but leaves your duck al 'orange tasting really weird. :smiley:

If you routinely use cheap or unskilled labour, not something I would ever recommend, then AI will usually outperform them pretty consistently. Especially if they are offshore labour with some language difficulties in understanding instructions comprehensively. And there will still be areas where the AI’s lack of logic make it inferior to a human intelligence that is not particularly intelligent, uneducated to the degree that AI has been, and has a language barrier.

For one of a billion clear examples:

It’s part of a long discussion I had just the other day (where I attempted to explain exactly how an AI can hallucinate, and from where it gets such completely wrong answers that no human, not even a pretty stupid, barely literate, non-native-speaker would fail.

It happens. Pretending otherwise would be pointless, petty, and setting oneself up to fail hugely (as well as look like a fool). AI is not AGI, and it makes many errors with 100% conviction. It makes them consistently enough that we can pretty much cause it to happen at will by asking things we know it will struggle with, and unlike a human, ChatGPT will not learn from its mistakes, but repeat the same ones over, and over, and over, until an update patch is made.

That’s not to say that AI is without its uses. But there is not one single situation in which ChatGPT produces results better than a skilled and knowledgeable human, the kind you’d actually want to employ if wage costs were no issue. ChatGPT can produce results faster, and certainly cheaper than a human, but you will always then lose at least some of the time you saved in needing to carefully check and verify its output. In worst cases, you may not only need to verify, but on finding flaws, and attempting many prompts, then have to do it by hand with human labour after all, meaning hours wasted.

Does that happen often? Well, with certain topics, yes. Naturally, future generations of AI will improve, but right now, the main advantage of AI over humans is simply the tirelessness and cost saving, and the main disadvantage is inaccuracy and quality.

Anyone that tells you otherwise is selling something dishonestly, or engaging in unwise and unaware wishful thinking.


Wow, embarrassing … is this Windows 11 ? because I don’t have that in Windows 10.

for the bold Balanced, I think because they recommend this option and it’s the average choice … maybe.

It’s a fair point. Standards in editorial performance are frequently deteriorating. You cannot underestimate the importance of the editorial room and QA processes. We still need to stay vigilant in the quality of our work.

But we also need to practice empathy and mindfulness. I can lean hippie, but I do believe that we live in a harsh and judgemental world. It’s important to maintain standards while showing kindness.

Microsoft making an error like this is less of a blunder than Bankrate putting out bad financial advice via AI-generated text.

Ultimately, it depends on the context, imo.


it’s a fresh Windows 10 I had to install since the Win 11 that came with an amazing new strong notebook would BSOD after the “recommended updates”

it’s so fresh I even had to disable animations and other things I’m totally unused to have in the Win GUI (last install Win 10 ca. 2019, then switched to Ubuntu)

Spoken like a true SEO :rofl:

100% in agreement though. Almost everything, every possible decision in life, depends on context.

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